Have Fun Opening Your Own T-Shirt Creation Business


Customization of clothing is now in vogue. A t-shirt is the easiest to sell. There are many ways to sell custom t-shirts. One must, above all, go through the phase of creation.

The creation of custom t-shirts

The creation of a custom t-shirt does not always require the printing of complicated images and texts. It can be, just simply, enough to find a fun phrase associated with a proper image.

There are three methods of printing to achieve a custom t-shirt:

Digital transfer: to create a custom t-shirt, there are a few ways. However, when you’re just GRAPHTEC FC8600-100 Vinyl Cutterstarting out with this business, it is important to start with the simplest method: digital transfer. There are several mediums to print on fabric, and the most handy one is vinyl. Vinyl cutting machines aren’t that expensive when you’re starting out, and the material isn’t expensive either. For more on vinyl machines, see here.

Stencil technique: to reproduce the same images or characters several times, the stencil can be applied on various media. It is also a simple but limited method in format, in color and in series. Sustainability will depend on the quality of the paint used.

Screen printing: it is a method that allows an unlimited series, but it requires special skills. Also, special machines are needed for the production of customized t-shirts.

Small caveat: it would be preferable to use t-shirts with fabrics containing cotton at least 20 g/cm. Indeed, if they are made from other types of fabrics, some problems may appear when printing.

How to sell custom t-shirts

Offer t-shirts as news products: amateur sellers can start to sell custom t-shirts during the day in their area. By opting for prints based on the events of the neighborhood or town, success in the sale will be ensured. This option targets primarily the local inhabitants, but also customers who want to take away a souvenir of their passing through.

Open a physical store: wishing to make the sale of t-shirts a true income, the opening of a shop in the neighborhood is a good method to start. This also allows to promote all types of models.

Extend the vision and sell online

Like any other e-commerce, online store creation requires certain conditions in order to succeed.

Create your own website: in order to successfully combine all the benefits of the creation of t-shirts, it is important to have your own site to make an online t-shirt shop.

Make yourself known: in all cases, we must be aware that having an online store is not enough to succeed in this field. In fact, the web site must be known. As such, it is important to create accounts for the web site on social networks like Facebook, Twitter. Engaging in discussions in the forums regarding t-shirts is a good way to try to make ourselves known and to advertise.

It is also possible to buy advertisements on specialty web sites. Online sales also allows to show all the models to all the visitors, which is not so easy to do in a physical store.

Closing words: the success of your t-shirt business will depend on how creative your designs and messages will be. Having creativity and inspiration can be more difficult in the beginning, but it’s also a skill that forms in time. Keep your eyes open around you, and after a while you’ll see inspiration everywhere. Let things speak to you, just like artists do. You’ll get good at it, and you’ll have a blast doing it.

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